The Arty Studio

All About Our Kingdom

The ArtyStudios is a full-cycle film production company founded in 2012 by Victor Denisyuk and Evgeniy Melentyev.

The company produces high-quality feature films, focusing primarily on action and adventure, fantasy, and sci-fi genres. KD Studios’ projects are aimed not only at the india but also at the international market and are filmed with the participation of A-class Hollywood actors – the first projects were “BEYOND THE EDGE”, starring Antonio Banderas (theatrical release – 1 March 2018), “ABIGAIL”, starring Eddie Marsan (theatrical release – 22 August 2019).

"when i started my journey only thing i have is my camera"
John Doe
"We Don't Take any photograph We Make It"
"The Earth Is Art and The Photographer Is Only Witness"